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Cardiac Care       

Heart and circulatory disease is the biggest cause of death in the UK. The burden of cardiac disease on both patients and the healthcare budget is significant.

Care integration can impact quality of care and improve outcomes at every stage of the patient pathway through prevention, timely intervention, treatment and effective rehabilitation. Entries for this category can be from individuals or teams responsible for planning or delivering integrated care pathways for this group of patients. Entries will be judged against the general criteria. Submissions could include one or more of the following elements:

  • Effective health promotion on risk factors for heart disease
  • Timely intervention and treatment to minimise the long-term effects of acute cardiac events and improve patient outcomes
  • Treatment and support to minimise the risk of further cardiac events
  • Rehabilitation targeted to meet individual needs and maximise patients' independence and quality of life
  • Supportive care for patients with chronic heart disease and their families and carers


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