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End of Life Care

More than half a million people die in the UK each year, the majority as a result of chronic disease. Over half of deaths take place in hospital, only about 18% die at home despite two thirds of people indicating that is their preference. End of life care is offered to those nearing the end of their life, helping them to live as well as they can and to die with dignity.
Care integration can impact on quality of care for patients and relatives providing well managed and coordinated care that is responsive to the needs and wishes of the individual.

Entries for this category can be from individuals or teams responsible for planning or delivering integrated care pathways for this group of patients. Entries will be judged against the general criteria. Submissions could include one or more of the following elements:

  • Identifying those who are approaching the end of life, inclusive of all disease groups
  • Timely referral to specialist services
  • Enabling patient preference and choice
  • Supportive and sensitive care for patients and their families and carers
  • Ensuring appropriate training in end of life care


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